Appearing to be made of solid stone, this lightweight coffee table is actually composed of a thin sheet of stone applied onto a minimal metal structure. The clever assembly detail, inspired by traditional forging methods, unveils the reality of the object and lends it elegance.

Juratuf01 : 1200 x 804 x 450mm
Juratuf02 : 600 x 402 x 550mm – Sold, permanent collection of the MUDAC (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts).
Material: painted steel, ‘designflex©’

Juratuf01, unique piece - "We look back through our mothers if we are women", Espace Démart, Lausanne (CH), 2024
Juratuf02, unique piece, sold - Permanent collection of the Mudac (Cantonal Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts), Lausanne (CH), 2021
Salone del Mobile, Design Switzerland au Palzzo Litta, Milano (I), 2019
ProHelvetia Grant (CH), 2018
Photo : Bertille Laguet