B&M - cast iron radiator

Over time, the notion of heat source gradually faded away from conventional fireplaces, to migrate to a much more dematerialized solution. Through this observation, I redesigned a radiator, so far perceived as undesirable and clumsy, into a more assumed presence. The radiator "B&M" lives through seasons: Its flat top may embody a shelf or bench and its interior space can accommodate blankets, gloves and other accessories to heat or dry. Its generous volume and curves define its warm and comfy allure. It's an invitation to touch and to feel the sweet sensation of warmth. It is made from cast iron, known for efficient heat diffusing properties.

Produced by GrisFonte
Museo de Arte Moderno, exhibition "100 years of Swiss Design", Mexico City, 2017-2018
Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo, exhibition Inedito, Mexico City, 2017
Swiss Design Awards, Basel, 2017
Galerie id50, Geneva, 2017
Bauarena, Volketswill, 2015
Stilhaus, Rothrist, 2014
Depot Basel, Basel, 2013
Blickfang, Basel, 2013
Design Days, Renens, 2012
Golden award, Blickfang, Copenhagen, 2012
Photo : Bonaventure & Niederhauser

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