Mallotus Villosus

Part of the Cultural Spring Program named "Far North", The Gallery Palais called 62 international designers to redesign and produce ice-cream sticks for the "Esquimaux" exhibition.
I like the idea to discover what is inside the ice-cream when you finished it.
In the Far North, under the ice there are fish.
I decide to forge an ice-cream stick inspired by the Mallotus Villosus (called also Capelin), a small forage fish found in the North Atlantic, North Pacific and Artic oceans.

Permanent collection, MUDAC (The Museum of Design and Art in Lausanne, Switzerland), 2019
"Esquimaux" exhibition, Curators : Prune Simon-Vermot and Denis Roueche, From the Cultural Spring Program around the "Far North", Palais gallery, Neuchatel, 2019
Photo : Bertille Laguet

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