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The new leather mask including the last Oculus Rift technology (consumer version 1).
The Chronogram Project :
For his 260e anniversary Vacheron Constantin launches a huge research to digitize their archives. More than 350 linear meters of paper archives are transformed in digital informations by the Digital Humanities Lab. Then the team of EPFL+ECAL lab are proposing to present those documents with Oculus, using the virtual reality as a smart and playful way to browse through the Vacheron Constantin archives.
For the user experience, I redesign a leather mask entirely handmade by french and swiss craftsmen. The Oculus as a plastic thing coming from the gaming world is transformed in an elegant and comfortable tool to visit the prestigious archives. Archive rooms before had the scent of the paper, now they have the fragrance of the leather.

Journées des Métiers d'Art, Geneva, 2017
SIHH, Geneva, 2017
Photo : Bertille Laguet

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