Blacksmith's Playground

The Vita Parcours began with the use of natural obstacles from the forest. As a designer and blacksmith I also use unused material from my workshop. The spontaneously created "Blacksmith’s playground" consists of modules that challenge the body balance.

As a child, I felt uneasy about the installations of the Vita Parcours in the city forest : I perceived the forms, but I did not really understand what their function was and what interactions they should have with my body.
I contrast this course with a new one from my own working environment.

In the old botanical garden in Zurich, the charcoal path installed under the bamboo roof is reminiscent of a sleeping fire, a strong atmosphere emanates from it. To cross this black river, the audience has to walk over robust modules and collect experiences with the potential of their own body balance. With the design of my forged modules, I offer users new intuitive experiences and movements.

Design Parcours, Design Biennale Zurich, 2019
Photo : Jonas Racine, Bertille Laguet

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