1907, a doorknob

1907 is the year of the invention of the «pétanque» game.
I was inspired by this really simple game : the teams play their boules/balls towards a target ball. But it exists a really strong relationship between player’s hands and his balls. He knows by heart every little roughness of them.
A doorknob, for me, is first the body memories of the texture and the feeling in my hand. You will be able to recognize the doorknob you know, more by touching it than by visualizing it. So I would like to propose a doorknob that gives you an experience of tactility but which is also visually intriguing.
The shape of it is a generous bold sphere (diameter : 80mm) with a strong texture (handcrafted with a hammer) for the tactility. I want to have the trace of my hands on it to make a fascinating and appealing object that you would like to caress.

"Lieblinge" exhibition at OKRO gallery, Chur, Switzerland, 2019
Doorknob Show, Wanted Design, NYC, 2019
Photo : Bertille Laguet

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