I might as well say it right away:
Colouring on a tablet doesn’t make me dream. Coffee doesn’t grow in capsules. A designer’s job isn’t to design fashionable products, but to maintain and renew the qualities of our intangible and tangible heritage.

I refuse to encourage the principle of least effort and laziness that we’re encouraged to adopt daily. Brimming with optimism and poetry, I wish to create objects that invite us to take the time to appreciate their use as much as their design. With lightness, my objects are meant to be touched and manipulated, because I’m convinced that the human hand has a central role to play in today’s design, both the user’s, the craftsperson’s and the worker’s in a large industry. Rather than seeking an industrial aesthetic, I highlight the hand – this sign of human production.

I dream of objects that are meant to last, that have time to age but to age well, in coherence with their environment, objects with a benevolent presence to which one becomes attached.

An ECAL graduate, Bertille Laguet is a designer and blacksmith. You can meet her at La Forge in Chexbres, a village perched among the vineyards on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

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